Offering property management services in and around Margaretville, NY


Outsider Home Services is a property management company, specializing in handyman services and project solutions in the areas surrounding Margaretville, NY. We know the importance of a prompt response and we believe any work done is only worth doing well. 

Our team is committed to helping you navigate your needs as a homeowner or business owner, whether the Catskills are your full-time home, your retreat, or your investment. Outsiders Home Services is fully insured and ready to assist with your property or project needs, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail today!

Property Management

We offer property management services to ensure everything runs smoothly with your property. We also provide 24 hour emergency assistance for immediate attention. We can help by going over a weekly or monthly customized checklist to ensure everything is ready for you or your guests arrival.

House Maintenance

When projects arise, we offer an in-house team of handyman services. We also have a trusted network of local vendors for larger projects, along with general contractor or project management services. No matter the size of project, we always communicate with you every step of the way.


Have a special project or a home renovation plan in mind, but not sure how to go about it? We offer construction consulting and interior design services upon request to help turn your dream into a reality. We can handle everything from plumbing, to landscape design, to general carpentry and more.

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Meet The Outsiders

Hi, we’re Austin and Julie Landes, proud Catskills transplants, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians. After a lifetime in the Philly suburbs, we moved to Delaware County, bringing with us over 25 years of experience in construction, project management, and property management, both at a large commercial scale and every facet of residential.

We initially built a team to work on our internal projects, all the while noticing an increasing need to provide services to the public as interest in the Catskills continues to grow. Our customers have become some of our best friends as we navigate life and homeownership in these beautiful mountains.

Simply: We are here to help. Whether you need a small task completed or guidance on a large project, our team is here to be attentive and responsive along the way.


We grew up in a close-knit community and very much desired to experience life where people didn’t recognize our last name, know all our extended family members or were familiar with our story…to be known and understood for simply who we are without the weight of expectations. Our move to the Catskills was one of embracing downward mobility; we traded steady jobs, a built-in community, square footage, and security for a little cabin on the side of a mountain where we could dream, create, and grow. We became “outsiders” in every sense.

Entrepreneurism is ingrained in our genes. We both come from multi-generational family businesses, and appreciate the drive to work hard and HUSTLE while building a business all your own. We love providing jobs for our community members and investing in people that share our dream and common goal to, very simply, “work hard and be nice to people”.

It is our hope that Outsiders Home Services helps you feel at home in the Catskills, providing peace of mind with a contact if a problem or renovation project comes up.


We care about small business, we also really care about helping people. Our work is focused through our 501(c)3 non-profit, Make It Rain. We founded this 100% volunteer organization along with our friends to simply help others help others. Since 2012, it’s been our joy and privilege to partner with so many incredible persons and organizations doing amazing work around the world. Together, we’ve impacted millions of lives through our initiatives in construction projects, medical deliveries, and sanitary pad manufacturing. Learn more about our work at: